Connecting people to health, carer and family networks.

InterCare® - a digital solution to help the NHS, local authorities and care sector look after the people that depend on them.

  • A central InterCare user in their own home or an assisted living environment
  • InterCare TV, Web and Mobile platforms support use by all, including the elderly and vulnerable
  • Connected to healthcare professionals, carers and family
  • A wide range of health, communication and social features deliver improved outcomes for your organisation
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InterCare TV allows the elderly and vulnerable to be included in the digital care revolution.

Connecting these dependent groups with their health and care professionals as well as their wider support network, delivers significant benefits and improves outcomes.

InterCare Mobile and InterCare Web platforms provide flexibility for other users.

InterCare delivers benefits across a range of health and care settings, including:

  • NHS
  • Assisted Living
  • Social Care

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Customer Testimonial

I've been using InterCare® for a year now and I'm really happy, a brilliant invention.
Geraldine W from South Tyneside

InterCare® combines digital healthcare technology with secure video calls, self-care content provision and more to deliver improved, coordinated care.

Results from a recently completed 12-month NHS deployment* clearly demonstrate improved outcomes and cost savings: 

33% reduction in home visits

37% reduction in unplanned admissions

43% reduction in follow-up outpatient appointments   

62% of patients reported reduced anxiety

43% of patients with reduced depression scores

50% COPD users showed improved CAT scores

Contact us and start a conversation about how InterCare® can provide benefits and improved outcomes, for your organisation.

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*South Tyneside Foundation NHS Trust Project Report 2017