InterCare® for Social Care

InterCare® - Enhance your residents' quality of life


Accesible friends & family communications

High-quality video calls, messages, live chat and photos bring distant relatives closer.  Family members and friends can keep in touch either through their InterCare Web account or the InterCare App on their Apple or Android devices.

Tailored & beneficial wellbeing content

InterCare® is a digital platform to deliver bespoke and stimulating content to residents.  Acknowledged to improve the wellbeing of the individual, entertainment and reminiscence videos, quizzes and audiobooks can all be accessed from InterCare TV or InterCare Mobile.

Digital Health Technology

InterCare® is also a secure, digital health platform.  Capable of connecting to Bluetooth-enabled health monitors to help with the efficient monitoring of residents.  Trend graphs, alerts and video consultations assist your clinical staff to initially appraise a resident’s condition remotely.

Stand out to CQC and relatives, by implementing InterCare® to reduce isolation and improve residents' wellbeing as well as supporting the need for health and social care integration:

"New assistive technologies that support engagement, integrated healthcare, monitoring, improve wellbeing and generally enhance residents’ quality of life should be embraced to make a real difference and improvement to both the individual and the sector as a whole." 

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive, Care England

There are huge benefits in digital integration between the NHS and care sector noting it would improve care outcomes for older people and could help reduce the length of stay in hospital."   

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, CQC

InterCare TV or InterCare Mobile platforms are intuitive for the elderly and vulnerable, making our digital features and benefits accessible to all. 

A day room or resident's own television can be InterCare-enabled with a HDMI stick, webcam and user-friendly, large-scale keyboard controls.  Delivering new family connectivity and reminiscence content through the trusted medium of a TV makes InterCare simple to understand and use. Our eldest user is 93! 

InterCare mobile tablets provide the option of serving multiple central users with a smaller number of devices.


InterCare® Feature Social Care Benefits for Social Care Organisations
InterCare® Friends & Family App Residents are connected for video calls, messages, pictures and chat, improving quality of life.
Health vital sign recording Regular data recording and sharing trends, aids proactive care.
Patient data parameters and alerts Data parameters configured for the individual. Health carer notified of exceptions.
Graphical data representation Use trends in a patient’s vital sign data to assess health.
Video consultation NHS staff can potentially assess residents, reducing your staff time in organising appointments/admissions.
Health content platform Deliver self-care and rehabilitation video content direct to residents.
Wellbeing video content platform Individually tailored video and quiz content for stimulation, reminiscence and entertainment.
Full audit & reporting Provide evidence reports for CQC on delivery of wellbeing content, healthcare interactions and family connectivity.

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