What is InterCare® ?

A digital care platform

InterCare® connects people to their health, carer and family networks using accessible technology. Connections between these groups enable better management and care of the elderly, vulnerable and sufferers of long-term health conditions.

Users access InterCare® through one of a range of platforms:

  • InterCare TV
  • InterCare Web
  • InterCare Mobile

Simple-to-use TV or tablet interface

Central InterCare® users connect, using their TV or tablet, to their approved network of healthcare professionals, carers and family.

InterCare TV, a HDMI microcomputer with assistive keyboard, operates as a dedicated channel on a trusted device. InterCare TV is easily operated by the elderly and vulnerable. Our eldest user is 92!

InterCare Web or InterCare Mobile platforms enable the health, carer and family networks to be informed and efficiently manage the care of the central user.

Vital data for health professionals

Health vital sign data can be collected by InterCare® and viewed by appropriate health professionals. Configurable data parameters and exception alerts help them efficiently manage and engage with central users.

The InterCare® platform can deliver condition management, self-care and health questionnaire content to central users.

Secure video call technology

Secure video call technology within InterCare® makes it possible for those that care for a central user to interact with them more efficiently. Reducing home visits, appointments and anxiety-driven resource use, whilst maintaining good care, generates savings.  

Interaction with remote elderly and vulnerable people by relatives via video call or picture messaging lessens isolation and improves digital inclusion.

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